Our People

A positive team spirit

We’re a small team of down-to-earth and straightforward people from diverse professional background, unified by a common passion: to help people achieve better health and to build a greener Earth.

We come from different parts of the world but we work together like friends. Our culture is based on a spirit of togetherness, enthusiasm and care. We are hardworking people committed towards a vision. We have a caring, empathizing, open and honest culture.


Our Springlilly Values

      1. Our corporate existence is motivated by “CARE”, meaning care will always be a top priority before profits.
      2. Punctuality is a form of courtesy and respect for oneself and others. We expect our staff to be punctual, honest, and show respect for each other’s individuality. At Springlilly, we respect each other, our differences and are open to everyone making a contribution.
      3. We believe that every individual has something valuable to offer and we strive to have the same values in the way we work.
      4. We practice consistency in our standard, not only in products, but also in our management and operation. We are people with a “DO IT” attitude. Our work motto is “DO IT ONCE, DO IT RIGHT, DO IT NOW”.
      5. We promote a happy working environment with happy employees that have positive thinking and energy.
      6. We encourage a balanced work and family life.
      7. After we harvest, we believe in sowing back into society.
      8. We support initiatives towards building a greener Earth.


Our Team Members

Rachel Ho - Managing Director
Simone Trusheim - Market Specialist/Coordinator (Europe)
Linda Suzuki - Market Specialist/Coordinator (Japan)

Affiliated team members:

We have a network of consultants including nutritionist and researchers that we work with.