Our Responsibility

Towards a sustainable future

We want to have a positive impact on people and the planet. Our vision is to help create a better everyday life for people who can live healthily in an eco-friendly environment.

Being a responsible company is part of our roots, and now we’ve taken the steps to make it happen.


Our Practices

  1. Supplements are currently not required by Singapore’s Law to be registered nor licensed. But to ensure quality and safety, Springlilly has set its own policy.

    For all products that Springlilly carries, we send them for laboratory tests to confirm its contents. You can find lab test results published in the respective product website.

  2. We believe in uncompromising standard. Our products must be the best among its kind, unique, safe, effective, and free from pesticides and chemical fertilizer. We ensure that only the finest quality ingredients are used.
  3. We partner with suppliers that are honest, support environmental protection initiatives, and embrace the same persistence in excellence.